DIY Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet Kit - Set of 6

Find calmness, release negative energy and rise above adversity with the Blue Tiger Eye and lotus flower charm bracelet!

Our beautiful Blue Tiger Eye bracelet is made with the stone of protection and intuition.  It cleanses virtually all negative energy while increasing calm, relaxation and presence in the body.  When you are in doubt, it helps one to make the right decision at the right moment.  The Blue Tiger Eye energy is associated with the Brow Chakra.

The Lotus Flower symbolizes beauty, purity, spiritual enlightment and rebirth.  The Lotus flower rises from the darkness of the muddy waters and turns into a beautiful flower.  This process of coming into existence is also considered as a symbol of spiritual enlightment and the expansion of one’s soul.  It is symbolic for "We can make the best of our environment and rise above".  

Share the gift of Self Empowerment with others and create your own healing crystal bracelet!  Perfect activity for birthday parties, ladies night, yoga groups, self help groups, Girl Scouts, summer camps, retreats, meditation groups, etc.

Each kit includes all natural high quality gemstones, charms and supplies to make 6 bracelets complete with gemstone meaning/description cards and organza jewelry bags. Easy to follow instructions.

Bead size: 8mm

Fits up to 7” wrist.

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