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Pearl and Blue Chalcedony Crystal Bracelet

Find stress relief with our exquisite Pearl and Blue Chalcedony Bracelet!  Exclusively designed and handcrafted by Positively Me Boutique.

Pearl Is a stone that will cultivate your inner wisdom. Its energies will also show you how you can strengthen and nurture pure love in your life.  Pearl will bring energies of charity and generosity. It will also bring more loving and faithful people in your life!

Blue chalcedony crystal is ideal to harmonize your emotions and to bring calmness and peace.  It has a strong effect on easing stress and anxiety. The blue chalcedony meaning is to radiate a serene energy into your space and body. Its energy keeps you centered in the present instead of worrying about the past or future. Its gentle energy organizes your emotions. It is used to sort out your feelings and to boost self-confidence. Blue Chalcedony stone brings out your innate energies.


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