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Ways to Clear or Clean your Stones and Crystals

Ways to Clear or Clean you Stones and Crystals

 Use sea salt

Sea salt and water are great ways to rid your stone of unwanted harmful energies.  If the stone is not brittle, using sea salt will not harm the stone.  When using this method, leave the stone in the water overnight.

You can add sage, basil or lavender to the water to enhance the cleansing affect.

Use running water

Holding the stone under running water is also a very effective way of cleansing your stone.  As you do so, put intention in the stone to remove all negativity.

Use other stones

Stones like Carnelian and Clear Quartz clean other stones.  It’s actually really simple.  All you have to do is add them to the bag where you store your stones.


You can also use sage to clear your healing stones.  While smudging your stones, it’s important to put intention into them.

Use a crystal cleaner

Crystal cleaners work better with brittle stones (mainly because the stones aren’t being submerged in water, which can ultimately dissolve the stone).  Usually, using a couple of drops does the trick.